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EBM Science Advisory Board Meeting

by Shaun Walbridge last modified 19-01-2006 18:24

Group panel meeting of NCEAS EBM associates and EBM SAB members.

What Meeting Work
When 25-01-2006 19:00 to
27-01-2006 17:30
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Agenda for Jan. 26/27 EBM SAB meeting


Wednesday, January 25

7:00pm Dinner at Tupelo Junction (optional but encouraged)

                        (restaurant is at 1218 State St., 5 blocks up from NCEAS)


Thursday, January 26 – Overview of Program Activities

8:30                 Convene


8:30-9:00         Introductions (informal; Ruckelshaus leads)


9:00-10:15       Welcomes and background

                        -Background on NCEAS, including renewal information (Reichman)

                        -Status of EBM in the US and beyond (Halpern/Sherwood/Gold)

                        -Packard program structure and activities; how NCEAS fits in (Sherwood/Gold)

                        -EBM at NCEAS; original proposal, current goals and aims (Halpern)


10:15-10:30     Break


10:30-11:30     Background on activities that need advisory board input

                        -Program director (Reichman)

                        -“Applied NCEAS” (Reichman)

                        -gaps in EBM research and activities (Halpern)


12:00-1:30       Lunch


1:30-2:30         Updates on project activities (10 min. each, with ~10 min. each for discussion)

                        -Broitman (Post-doc)

                        -Kappel (Post-doc + Working Group)

                        -Halpern (Working Group – proxy for Estes/Doak)

                        -Halpern; overview of synergistic activities

                                    *Elkhorn Slough project; NWHI project; NMS potential collaborations


2:30-3:30         Overview of web-based activities

                        -overview of strategic plan for web activities (Halpern)

                        -current NCEAS activities (Ecoinformatics, etc.; Reichman)

                        -overview and demonstration of Registry (Walbridge)

                        -overview and demonstration of Plone (Walbridge)

                        -discussion of needs, future directions, changes, etc.


3:30-4:00         Break


4:00-5:00         Overview and discussion of Outreach/Development

                        -Current outreach activities (Connors)

                        -Soon-to-be-hired Development Officer (Reichman)

                        -COMPASS/SeaWeb connections (Halpern/Baron)

Friday, January 27 – Plans for Future Activities

9:00                 Convene


9:00-12:00       Discuss positions/projects to fill and fund (Halpern leads)

                        -Program Director: update on job search, and discussion (Sherman/Reichman)

                        -3rd post-doc: potential themes and get-out-the-word strategies

                        -Working Groups (remaining two): potential themes/gaps to fill


                                    -propose website demonstration-data sharing idea

                        (bring~15 people from different groups to demonstrate website, upload data and information, discuss extensions of the site, etc.)

                        -collaborative meetings of Packard regional initiatives, NCEAS working groups, Packard tools groups, etc.

                                    -discuss other options

                        -Sponsoring other group’s workshops:

                                    -Packard EBM regional initiatives

                                    -National Marine Sanctuary EBM projects

                        -Brainstorm other types of activities


12:00-1:30       Lunch


1:30-2:00         Discuss expanding advisory board (Ruckelshaus/Reichman/Sherwood)


2:00-4:00         Discuss potential directions/opportunities for expanding EBM program beyond current award and focus (Reichman)


4:00-4:30         Wrap-up (Halpern)



Attending                                                        Unable to attend

Don Boesch                                                     Walter Reid

Barry Gold                  

Ben Halpern                                                     Presenting

Mike Mantell                                                    Carrie Kappel

Pete Peterson                                                   Bernardo Broitman

Steve Polasky                                                  

Jim Reichman

Mary Ruckelshaus

Dan Sherman

Kristin Sherwood

Shaun Walbridge

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