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Science Frameworks for EBM by admin — last modified 30-10-2006 14:26
A Synthetic Approach to the Science of Ecosystem-Based Management of Coastal Marine Ecosystems.
Valuation of Coastal Habitats by ploneadmin — last modified 11-10-2006 13:03
Measuring ecological, economic and social values of coastal habitats to inform ecosystem-based management of land-sea
EBM Matrix by ploneadmin — last modified 11-10-2006 18:33
Developing a matrix-based approach for assessing and managing threats to marine ecosystems.
EBM Marine Predators by ploneadmin — last modified 16-10-2006 12:07
Conservation planning for ecosystem functioning: Testing predictions of ecological effectiveness for marine predators
Distributed Graduate Seminar 2006 by ploneadmin — last modified 20-10-2006 18:43
EBM Governance by admin — last modified 11-12-2006 15:37
Governance feasibility of marine ecosystem-based management: A comparative analysis

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