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Valuation of Coastal Habitats

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Measuring ecological, economic and social values of coastal habitats to inform ecosystem-based management of land-sea

WG Member Models by Elise Granek — last modified 11-10-2006 13:34
These are models or papers that WG members use to frame their thinking about this issue
Meeting #1 - Jan 22-2th Papers by Elise Granek — last modified 22-01-2007 15:04
Review of Social Literature as of 1/26/07 by Chris Kennedy — last modified 26-01-2007 12:36
Contents: Word Document with short summary of contents and contributions of the papers. PDF for every paper with author and dates listed.
Relevant Short Format Papers by Chris Kennedy — last modified 30-01-2007 11:35
Includes papers suggested by Eric Wolanski
Meta-analysis by Carrie Kappel — last modified 09-11-2009 13:39
Meta-analysis of the effect of regime shifts in coastal habitats on ecosystem services

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