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Lit Review

Luke Brander, Raymond Florax, and Jan Vermaat. The Empirics of Wetland Valuation: A Comprehensive Summary and a Meta-Analysis of the Literature. Environmental and Resource Economics. 2006

Meta-analysis Includes:

  • Wetland value by:

    • continent

    • wetland type

    • service

    • valuation method

  • Regressions are run, compared with previous values found in older meta-analyses

  • Degradation not pointedly considered

  • Considers human densities, socio-economic variables

Lucy Emerton ad L.D.C.B Kekulandala. Assessment of the Economic Value of Muthurajawela Wetland. 2003.

Report commissioned by IUCN. Looks at an extensive coastal wetland system on the eastern shore of Sri Lanka. Much of the analysis is confined to supra-tidal marshes, but the valuation is interesting.

  • Economic distribution aspects (looks at how many people benefit from the different services)

  • Nice benefit breakdown

  • Nice figures and picture boxes

Camille Bann. An Economic Analysis of Alternative Mangrove Management Strategies in Koh Kong Province, Cambodia. 2003.

An extensive review of alternative uses in this particular region.

Discussion of:

  • MPAs and multiple use zones

  • Estimates on rates of deforestation of mangroves

  • Socio-economic info

  • All types of values with qualitative assessments of each (high, low, medium)

  • Breakdown of aquaculture uses, economic analysis of shrimp farms in particular, dynamic analysis of shrimp farm productivity

  • Environmental CBA

  • Management options


R. Brouwer, LH Langford, IJ Bateman, RK Turner. A meta-analysis of wetland contingent valuation studies. Regional Environmental Change. 1999.

Study looks at use and non-use values across Europe and North America.

RK Turner et al. An ecological economics approach to the management of a multi-purpose coastal wetland. Regional Environmental Change. 2004. (2nd paper is a more general look at the UK)

A nice look at a temperate zone coastal wetland (Norfolk and Suffolk Broads, UK).

  • Empirical CV analysis

  • some nice pictures and tables

  • Minimal actual values, other than WTP estimates

Richard Woodward and Yong-Suhk Wui. The economic value of wetland services: A meta-analysis. Ecological Economics. 2001.

A 39 source survey; an input to Brander et al, 2006.

  • Run a regression, have some sample confidence intervals, smaller report than the newer one

Kazmierczak, Richard. Three reviews compiling literature on different ecosystem services. 2001-2003.

The studies compile data on three different services

  1. Water quality/filtration

  2. Habitat/species protection

  3. Fishing/Hunting values

Susanna King and John Lester. The Value of Salt Marsh as a Sea Defence. Pollution Economics. 1995.

This study provides a number of values for different salt marsh services. The study is based in the Norfolk/Suffolk/Essex area of the UK.

  • There is a discussion (one of the authors is an engineer) of how decreasing the width of the marsh requires a linear (until the last marginal thin strip of marsh) increase in wall height to keep flood protection services constant.

Marten Scheffer et al. Socioeconomic Mechanisms Preventing Optimum Use of Ecosystem Services: An Interdisciplinary Theoretical Analysis. Ecosystems. 2000.

This paper looks at ecosystem response to human stressors. There is some hand waving, particularly when it comes to creating the figures. The study is focused mainly on inland lakes

  • Figures depicting ecosystem response (non-linear) to human stress

  • Figures depicting ecosystem stress and state vs. human utility

  • General valuation schematic along with a simple Piguvian tax assessment

John Pethick and Stephen Crooks. Development of a coastal vulnerability index: a geomorphological perspective. Environmental Conservation. 2000.

Paper emphasizes management for change, or a management style that includes temporal and spatial flexibility. There is a nice discussion on threshold and non-linear response ideas.

  • The authors discuss a vulnerability index

  • goal is to develop a deterministic approach to geomorphologically sustainable coastal management, the framework is presented but in limited form

Ruchi Badola and S.A. Hussain. Valuing ecosystem functions: an empirical study on the storm protection function of Bhitarkanika mangrove ecosystem, India. Environmental Conservation. 2005.

  • Paper provides a number of values based on a thorough empirical analysis

  • Assessment of local attitudes and knowledge through surveys

Mark Eiswerth and Christopher Haney. Maximizing conserved biodiversity: why ecosystem indicators and thresholds matter. Ecological Economics. 2001.

  • Sheds light on the importance of picking the correct ecosystem functions as indicators of biodiversity, and also the awareness of potentially non-linear and discontinuous ecological processes that must be accounted for.

  • Focuses on birds and bird habitats mostly

Matthew Udziela and Lynne Bennett. Contingent Valuation of an Urban Salt Marsh Restoration. Yale Forestry Bulletin.

  • A CV approach to valuing salt marshes in New Haven, CT

Craig Faunce and Joseph Serafy. Mangroves as fish habitat: 50 years of field studies. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 2006.

  • Review of 111 empirical studies on how fish utilize mangroves as habitats

Lomba et al. GIS applied to landscape valuation and management in coastal areas. Littoral. 2004.

  • A brief discussion on the use of GIS software to manage coastal wetlands

V.C. Chong. Sustainable utilization and management of mangrove ecosystems of Malaysia. Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management. 2006.

  • Gives economic values for mangroves along the coast of peninsular Malaysia. Lots of numbers.

P. Polome et al. Economic and social demands for coastal protection. Coastal Engineering. 2005.

  • Six original case studies are considered. Examples vary over Europe.

  • Contingent valuation studies focusing on beach use.

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