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Science Frameworks for EBM

by Carrie Kappel last modified 30-10-2006 15:44

Project Summary

Black Rockfish Copyright NOAAWe will develop a modeling and data integration framework for EBM and apply that framework to a case study from coastal California.  By bringing experts in the modeling of natural and human systems together with policy specialists, the working group will develop a policy relevant modeling approach that includes the dynamics of social, biophysical and economic components of the ecosystem and critical feedbacks among them, and an explicit risk assessment component.  Then, in collaboration with scientists and managers knowledgeable about the coastal California system, we will develop a detailed case study using this modeling approach as a basis.  Key questions about how to cope with uncertainty, how to define ecosystem boundaries, and what constitute appropriate and effective indicators of ecosystem health and performance, will be addressed through the case study. The result will be a tool that scientists and policy makers use to develop an ecosystem-based approach to management of this system, and by extension others.


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