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Working Group Notes

Altman notes from meeting with Shaun 31 Oct 2006

31 Oct 06


  • Case studies—examples to inform how much you need to know to implement the matrix tool do this from a couple different perspectives

  • Still too complex from a user's standpoint—how to simplify this?

  • Thom—can you overlay the axes with more simplified elements??? Add to weight score the option of whether the user is interested in scoring them at that time

  • Initial building of the matrix is the biggest aspect to contend with

  • Direction of the interaction—force the user to choose, or have the option of choosing uncertainty

  • Scale

    • Scale for whole system identified by user

    • Scale for ecosystem service doesn't need to be defined because assumed its at same scale as defined ecosystem

    • Scale for impacts point source, multiple point sources, difuse

  • Documentation (text, citations): optional for all interaction cells as well as when weighting the ecosystem services and determining scale of impacts

  • Covariance interaction cells will be the same as interaction matrix, except for feedback cells which will just be 0-3 with no direction

  • Aoxia/Hypoxia listed on both axes

  • Ecosystem services/Drivers axes should be categorized in a hierarchical structure. Use MA for ecosystem services categories and prob make up categories for drivers

  • User information how to make the tool useful for both individuals and in a collaborative format

  • Could this tool be integrated into other tools that managers already use—ie population models, or scenario planning

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