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Evidence-based conservation

by Shaun Walbridge last modified 17-10-2006 10:47
This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author:

Danielsen, F, Burgess, ND, and Balmford, A ().
Monitoring matters: examining the potential of locally-based approaches
Biodiversity and Conservation 14:2507--2542.

Pullin, AS, Knight, TM, Stone, DA, and Charman, K ().
Do conservation managers use scientific evidence to support their decision-making?
Biological Conservation 119:245--252.

Sutherland, WJ ().
The tansley lecture predicting the ecological consequences of environmental change: a review of the methods
Journal of Applied Ecology 43:599--616.

Sutherland, WJ, Pullin, AS, Dolman, PM, and Knight, TM ().
The need for evidence-based conservation
Trends in Ecology & Evolution 19:305--308.


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