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Depth/Hardness Classes

by Matthew Perry last modified 26-09-2006 17:08

8 Habitat types. Defined by 2 hardness classifications and 4 depth ranges.


probably need to redo with srtm30 as elevation source.

From: Sean Benison <>

* Nearshore: -1 to -60m

* Continental shelf: -61 to -200m

* Continental slope: -201 to -2000m

* Ocean basins: < -2001

The "nearsh_fla50"-type layers are all intersections between these

bathymetry layers and the kriged "fla50" interpolation of ocean floor

sediment types. A value of 1 represents a region with 50% or higher rocky

sediment content, and a value of zero represents regions with

less.  Essentially, we are considering regions with 1 values to be rocky

sediment habitats and those with 0 to be soft sediment habitats.


  • This gives us a combination of 8 layers (nearshore/rocky , nearshore/soft, etc)
  • ETOPO2 data (2 min res)  used for bathymetry
  • Vector data layer polygons for each layer, convert to raster at 30 arc second res and import to grass

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