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Welcome to BeStat

BeStat is a collaborative online community for behavioral ecologists who are concerned about the importance of statistical issues. The aim of BeStat is to speed up the dissemination of statistical developments among researchers in our field and to synchronize our statistical discussion and training based on a user-built information source. BeStat provides a forum for on-line discussion (Stat-Chat), for the standard broadcasting of any statistical issues via lay summaries and references (Stat-Sum), for the building of electronic tutorials and examples (Stat-Wiki), and for hosting statistical programs, resources and links (Stat-Prog).

Please, note that although BeStat offers various functions to help the transfer of knowledge, its content is left to be assembled by the entire community. Materials submitted to this site are not subject to any referee process except that we check for suitability and verify some formatting standards. After registering as contributors, users are warmly welcome and encouraged to post any relevant issue from their own work or from that of others. We hope that the gathered information will be used as a pointer to the primary literature.

Registration for BeStat contributors is now open.

The site warmly welcomes your contribution and comments (write an e-mail to

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